Asset finance is a financial arrangement where a company obtains the use of a tangible asset, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles etc without having to purchase it outright. Instead, the asset is acquired through financing, typically through loans, leases, or hire purchase agreements. Credebt Innovation gives companies flexible payment options and access to state of the art, cutting edge technologies. Allowing business owners to be more Entrepreneurial and allow them concentrate on their business by freeing up cash flow which can be used elsewhere in the business.

Some key benefits of asset finance:

Conservation of Capital: Asset finance allows businesses to acquire essential assets without tying up large amounts of capital. This preserves cash flow and liquidity, enabling companies to invest in other areas of their operations or handle unexpected expenses.

Flexibility: Asset finance offers flexibility in terms of structuring payments and agreements. Businesses can tailor repayment schedules, lease terms, and end-of-lease options to match their cash flow and operational needs.

Access to Latest Technology and Equipment: Through asset finance, businesses can access state-of-the-art equipment and technology without the significant upfront costs associated with purchasing outright. This enables companies to remain competitive by utilising the latest tools and machinery to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Overall, asset finance provides businesses with a cost-effective and efficient means of acquiring essential assets while managing cash flow, reducing risks, and leveraging tax benefits. It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to grow and stay competitive in their respective industries.

  • Machinery
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Agri Assets
  • Plant and Equipment
  • AI/Robotics
  • Office Equipment